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Inner Harmonic Balancing  & Centering

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Usu​i ​Reiki

Usui Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Reiki activates the natural healing processes of the patient's body and can restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki is offered in several ways, depending on your own comfort level. There are non-touch and touch. I provide both. One can either be seated or laying down on a massage table. I also offer distant Reiki. Feel free to reach out for more information on distant Reiki healing protocols.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Education and coaching one-on-one meditation session that focuses awareness on breathing and encourages positive attitudes to achieve a healthy, balanced mental state. Mindful meditation is advocated for reducing reactions to stress by inducing the relaxation response, lowering the heart rate, reducing anxiety, and encouraging positive thought patterns and attitudes.

Intuitive Channeling & Reading

Intuitive channeling is a deeply spiritual practice. I offer intuitive guidance, insights, and practical steps to consider in regards to your current concern(s).

It is important to note that my channeling and energy work is not divinatory in nature, nor is it fortune-telling. I share messages of insight and guidance only. Your own personal response, choices, and decisions will ultimately determine the course and outcome of your life.

My intuitive channeling giftings have been given in order to provide you with information, clarity, insights into the shadow-deeper root issues, and guidance with practical steps to assist you with your current concern(s).

Although this is deeply meditative, relaxing, intuitive energy work, it is not hypnotherapy. You will never be placed under hypnosis, nor at any time be unaware of your surroundings as I am not licensed for, nor do I practice hypnotherapy at this time.   

Natal Chart Report & Consultation

This is a full natal chart report. This chart is in a Word document or a PDF, your choice, and is emailed. I will also include other asteroids, stars, or other placements per request, besides the traditional chart.

A complimentary one question (non-divinatory) question may be asked and emailed after you have received your chart and reviewed it.

Please provide the following in the email request found on my "Book now" tab:

1. Full Name

2. DOB, exact time of birth (a.m or p.m.

3. City and State of the hospital you were born in.

You will be invoiced for this service, once payment is received, your report will be emailed.