Mind ~ Body ~ Soul 

Inner Harmonic Balancing  & Centering

Here's to strong women.  

May we know them.  

May we be them.  

May we raise them.  

~Amy Rees Anderson

Cathleen L.Thomas

Entrepreneur, Owner of True Heart Living, LLC

 Mother, Wife, Grandmother

USUI Reiki Master

Master Mindfulness

Ph.D. Candidate~Naturopathic Doctor of 

Psychology, N.D., Psy.

 Lover of all things natural, wild, and free.

My passion for wellness and helping others were born from a place of deep compassion and personal experience with my own childhood/adulthood, family dysfunctions, and traumas. 


Navigating life as a child, and a young woman, was not easy.  I experienced difficult, and oftentimes challenging emotions, feelings, triggers, despair, addictions, wrong choices at times, and unhealthy relationships. As a child, I was the victim of repeated physical, emotional, sexual violence, and abuse. From the ages of 3 to 17 I endured violence done against my personal mind, soul, and body.  I also learned how to mask and hide my pain through over-achieving and personal control. 


Today, I am no longer a slave to defeating thoughts, triggers, self-defeating and sabotaging behaviors, unhealthy emotions, internal stressors, nor the voices and biddings of unhealed, unreleased energetic trauma(s.) I am so blessed and fortunate to say that I am an overcomer and thriving survivor and you can be too!


I have dedicated my life to serving as a lightworker, and healing channel in order to guide others intuitively, to live abundantly, fulfilled lives free from the debilitating impacts and stressors of personal trauma(s.) 


I believe that each of us was born with unique traits and giftings, and we were meant to be unencumbered dreamers, creating, happy, abundant, and living deeply fulfilling lives.

I believe that life is meant to be fun and an adventure! That one should know who they are, their innate giftings and talents, and how to best follow their true North Node.

You deserve to feel well! Your own body and inner intuitive voice hold keys for your release from past traumas and lasting healing. Your inner voice is strong, capable, and knows the way, sometimes we just get lost in the fog and pain of past addictive behaviors and traumas. 


I serve as a channel, a bridge, a vessel of light, in my giftings, and bring clarity and intuitive guidance on how to strategically and successfully, overcome the shadows.


It would be a sacred honor to assist you towards your wellness birthright.  Know that your life matters, deeply!